5. Introduction to Godwoken

What is Godwoken?

Godwoken is an EVM-compatible layer 2 blockchain on the Nervos network. It is made of two components, an optimistic roll-up framework, and a fully compatible EVM.

EVM framework

The EVM framework ensures that Godwoken, and by extension, its layer 1 Nervos CKB, are compatible and interoperable with any dapp that has been or will be deployed on Ethereum. The Solidity language and all EVM-based tools can be freely used to build on Godwoken. Developers can also port dapps over from Ethereum to Godwoken seamlessly.

Godwoken EVM

The EVM on Godwoken uses the same model as the EVM on Ethereum - by executing smart contracts and changing the state of the blockchain accordingly.

Godwoken fufills these three roles:

1.  Interoperability with all EVM compatible blockchains

2. Makes use of ForceBridge technology (which bridges cryptocurrencies and tokens between two different blockchains)

3. Scales the Nervos CKB layer 1 (CKB)


Scaling is done by using an optimistic roll-up. Let's imagine that a block on a layer 1 holds the equivalent of 10 scrolls, and each scroll has the information of only 1 transaction. As you might imagine, it'll be hard to move these transactions into a single block, so the wait times for confirmation are high, and the transaction space is limited.

Now imagine that the next person that creates a block writes 300 transactions on a single scroll, rolls it, and places it vertically in a box, which, we should mention, can fit fifty more scrolls and then seals the block. You can fit more transactions in a much smaller time frame in the same block. This is how the Godwoken layer 2 scales the Nervos CKB layer 1.

Optimistic Roll-ups

Such a model means that the computation is moved off chain.The same concept applies to optimistic roll-ups. Of course, the ‘optimistic’ in the name implies that the created transactions are trusted to follow the network rules and are not made by a bad actor. If there is any suspicion of a faulty transaction it is held against a proof of validity; a process that can take up to about a week on most optimistic roll-ups while only taking around three days on Godwoken, with efforts to make this even less.

Tokens on Godwoken

Godwoken can also be used to issue new tokens that reflect the value of the dapp behind it. Tokens are mediums of exchanges that hold value and can be exchanged between people. These tokens reflect to some degree the actual value or the potential value of the project that is issuing them. Given that all dapps deployed on the Godwoken layer 2 are EVM compatible, all these dapps are also interoperable with the Ethereum ecosystem.