How to use a MetaMask Wallet

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a user interface between you and the blockchain. It acts as an account manager for your Ethereum account. All you need is a browser or mobile device. Metamask is available on most modern browsers, including Chrome, Brave, and Firefox, and can also be used as a mobile application on iOS and Android devices.

How to download Metamask 👇

Start by accessing on your browser. Select the “download” button and choose which extension you want to install.

How to create a new wallet 👝

After MetaMask is added as an extension on your browser, you can create a new wallet. MetaMask will guide you through the wallet creation process. Ensure that you safely and securely record your seed phrase, and do not share it with anyone.
Remember, MetaMask, and any cryptocurrency wallet will NEVER ask you for your seed phrase. It may be a good idea to create multiple copies, but only if you are to store them safely. MetaMask will also prompt you to create a password to access your account. You must remember this password, but if you happen to forget it, you can recover your account and reset your password using your seed phrase.

How to connect to the Godwoken Network

To make things easier to understand, we will use the v1 Godwoken network. Here are the steps to use Godwoken on MetaMask. Please refer to the information about the Godwoken v1 mainnet. The network details are shown in the image below:

Navigate back to the MetaMask wallet, and press on the “three vertical points” and select “Expand View”. You will be redirected to a full view of the MetaMask wallet in your browser. Click on your account and select the “Settings” button. 

Next, go to “Networks”, and select “Add a network”. This way, you can introduce the information from the Godwoken v1 mainnet in the MetaMask wallet, thus connecting to the Godwoken mainnet.Now you are ready to send and receive tokens.

Remember, when you send tokens, you also need to check the value of each gas unit and have at least 21000 gas units for the transaction to go through. 

The address shown at the top is your public address (which you can share with other people to receive money). When you want to transfer assets, paste the public address of the recipient and double-check that the address is correct.

That's it you're all set!