How to use the Godwoken Explorer

What is a Godwoken explorer?

Godwoken explorer is a tool built on top of the Godwoken v1 that lets you see any data related to the Godwoken blockchain. All the transactions, public addresses, amounts, timestamps, fees, etc., are public data that can be accessed at any given time. Other statistics that involve parameters that highlight the health of the Godwoken blockchain can also be accessed and are readily available.

You can start by going to You can see on the main page the total number of blocks, the average block time, the total number of transactions, and the latest transactions with all their details.

By pressing the Charts button, you can see different charts representing essential data that shows the network's overall health.

In the ”Search” field, you can copy and paste any public address, transaction hash, or smart contract address and see any details that might interest you. I will use a random transaction for our example:

Each transaction has a hash, which is like a fingerprint that is entirely unique. It contains details about the sender's public address, the receiver's public address, the smart contract hash that interacted with the addresses, and the quantity sent. If you click on the Public address that sent the CKB you will see the entire transaction history of that public address.

In this section of the transaction hash, a lot more detailed info is unveiled, like the L1 and L2 blocks containing this transaction, the status, the price per gas unit, the quantity of gas used, the gas limit, the timestamp, and the fee in total.

If you press on the smart contract hash you will see all the details about the issuer of that smart contract, if it is audited, the total number of times public addresses interacted with it, the status, etc..

By pressing ”contracts” on the top right corner, a new window pops up with all the contracts and their hashes that are or were at some point live on the network.