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Painmaker NFT Collection Pre-Sale Now Live!

Chris Jericho Painmaker

We are excited to announce that Semkhor Studios along with Chris Jericho have officially released the NFT Collection and graphic novel, the Painmaker on Godwoken Blockchain! 

Acclaimed actor, AEW Champion, musician, bestselling author, podcaster, game show host and television personality Chris Jericho’s alter ego, The Painmaker comes to life in a cutting-edge graphic novel has launched pre-sale as of March 18th with a mint date in the beginning of April, details to come soon!

Chris Jericho and Semkhor are collaborating to reimagine the graphic novel as an interactive world and story that extends into the Cryptoverse. Join the Painmaker as he makes his way through a techno-occult landscape seeking power and redemption; A serial killer caught in a cosmic battle and set against an array of obstacles and adversaries. The first story arc focuses on the Painmaker origins. How he gained his powers and the tests he must face as he seeks to become a hero and overcome an ancient evil and his own nature. 

Owners of the comic will also have access to the online blockchain based version built on Godwoken, where they can gain access to games, animations, and community. For those who like the collectibility of NFTS, the Painmaker Graphic Novel offers unique limited mints that provide expanded access to the Painmaker Universe.

Chris has always been on the cutting edge of content creation and the Painmaker Project Novel opens up the potential Graphic Novel by using blockchains to deepen the interaction between artists and audience and expand the borders of traditional comic books. Additional information can be found at



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