Eric Vander Wal


Sourcify Now Supports Godwoken

The Godwoken team is committed to bringing you the best blockchain gaming and ecosystem experience possible

The Godwoken blockchain is both open source and permissionless. This means anyone is free to deploy to the chain (provided they pay the gas fees to do so).

However, this also leaves the door open to bad actors. To that end, we always encourage users to DYOR (do your own research). We understand this can be a difficult task at times.

Godwoken mainnet and testnet are now supported on Sourcify, a tool that allows developers to verify their smart contract code.

Before smart contracts can be deployed to a blockchain, they must first be compiled down to bytecode. This bytecode, however, is not human-readable. Thus if we download it directly from the blockchain, it is not easy to understand. Sourcify allows smart contracts to be uploaded to its system, which is then compiled to bytecode independently and compared to the code on chain. If the code matches, we can say that the smart contract has been verified. This, in turn, gives us a place (sourcify) to review the smart contract code.

While smart contract code verification does not directly prevent bad actors from using blockchains, it gives us another touch point for the community to DYOR.